Renal Dialysis

MEIH Renal Dialysis
Unit provides hemodialysis treatment to patients with end stage chronic kidney
disease requiring renal replacement therapy.

The unit, located on
the MZ floor. Patients admitted to MEIH Renal Dialysis Unit must first be
referred by their nephrologist (Kidney diseases Specialist Physician).

At MEIH, all patients undergoing
renal dialysis are seated on comfortable treatment chairs, with access to all
hospital services: from catering to TV entertainments.

The unit staffs four
(4) fully trained and competent registered nurses who monitor all patients’
vital signs and follow up on Renal Dialysis sessions on an individual basis.

 MEIH provides
transportation comfort for Renal Dialysis Patients; a designated parking lot
and access entry is allocated for them.

The Renal dialysis unit
takes pride in working in a multidisciplinary approach in care delivery by
combining knowledge and efforts of the unit physicians, residents, nurses,
dietitians, pharmacists, physical therapists, radiology and laboratory technicians
to better manage every and single case at the unit.

schedule an appointment with the Unit’s Nephrologists please call the Hospital
External Clinics on +961 4-712-111 ext. 7025 / 7024

reach the Renal Dialysis Unit  please
call the Hospital External Clinics on +961 4-712-111 ext. 6068