At MEIH, the Pediatric Department keeps on supporting your child during his growth from 0 to 15 years old and on giving the needed care if he suffers from medical, surgical and psycho-social problems. We provide to the hospitalized child specialized care and services in a friendly home-style environment to satisfy his physical and psychological needs. We also attend and educate the child and his family all throughout his stay at the hospital.

The pediatric department is located in the 2nd floor of the hospital with well-studied and adapted architecture and decoration of the floor in order to offer support and comfort to the hospitalized child. There are 5 colorful and pleasant Bed rooms (between individual, double and isolation rooms) with a total of 10 beds.

All the interventions that could be painful or traumatic for the child are carried out in the reception room, far from the child’s bed that should stay a refuge that reinsures the child.

The playroom is adapted to suit to all ages, offering the possibility to meet other children and to participate to several activities that could ease the pain and help the patient to cheer up and change his mood.