The MEIH Medical Oncology Division is divided into two distinct floors. One as outpatient and the other as in patient. Two different staff members are allocated to each one.
Since the starting of MEIH our main interest was in solid tumors with a multidisciplinary way of treatment.
The division works in close contact with the surgical oncology unit and with the radiology department.
MEIH was the first in Lebanon the sentinel lymph node biopsy in Breast cancer especially after neoadjuvant chemotherapy. In addition brachytherapy is available when indicated. In addition we were the pioneers in installing the HIPEC mode of treatment for special cases in solid tumors.
A dedicated team of oncology nurses with a long experience are taking in charge all cancerous patients at the hospital. Tight cooperation with the pharmacy is a must in order to give the best and most secure way of chemotherapy. The oncology division was part of many
international clinical trials mostly breast and lung. For liquid tumors we are in close collaboration with the bone marrow unit located on the same floor.
Most up to date protocols are applied to our patients in accordance with international guidelines.
We are proud of all our staff for its vigilance and professional input.
In fact we had only one COVID 19 patient since the epidemy in Lebanon.
We hope to continue serving our beloved patients at the same pace and professionalism.