Nursing and Patient Care

Nursing Services

Our dedicated and skilled team is composed of nursing staff administrator, nursing supervisors, head nurses, registered nurses, nurse aides and orderlies. The team has a multidisciplinary function and can assume different functions at all areas of the hospital.

Our nursing team is committed to give high quality care to our patients with devotion, respect and dignity, to ease the patient’s pain and to give them the psychological support they need. It is also responsible of providing medical information and patient education about his disease and his treatment.

In order to improve their practices, our nurses undergo continuous job trainings and professional learning

At MEIH, Nurses apply state of the art “caring” practices in a holistic approach putting the patient at the center of their preoccupations and continuously strive to deliver the best quality of care for all patients and at every moment.

Patient Education

 MEIH cares about public health and provides continuous health awareness campaigns related to the most prevalent diseases in our population (diabetes, high blood pressure management, cardiac disease, breast cancer) in order to prevent and to deal with illness conditions.

We distribute educational booklets and brochures for patients regarding communicable diseases and prevention, parent education on how to take care of the children,

We also set out and organize conferences for the General public

Are you a Healthcare professional and you want to join our team, please click here and follow the instructions to submit an online job application to MEIH.