Human Resources

The Human Resources Department at MEIH works hard on achieving the hospital objectives through effective recruitment of talented staff dedicated to their job.

The department strives hard to ensure that all hospital employees are fully informed about their job and their workplace. This requires a coordinated effort between the department of Human Resources and the individual departments

A comprehensive hospital wide orientation program for staff employees exists at MEIH that guarantees:

  • Reduce anxiety by providing guidelines for specific job targets and overall goals.

  • Reduce employee turnover by illustrating the value the organization places in new employees and providing them with the tools necessary to perform the job in an effective and efficient manner.

  • Reduce demands on supervisors and co- workers the better the initial orientation the more knowledge the new employee has to meet the challenges set by the new job without an undue reliance on others in the immediate workplace.

  • Reduce startup costs- by familiarizing new employees with the hospital, its goals, mandate and philosophy, and the expectations for particular positions. This will reduce the learning curve that is present with any new position and can therefore help decrease the non- tangible costs of a long learning curve.

  • Increase knowledge about safety in order to enable the new employees to meet the standards set by the health & safety procedures.

In addition, Human resources adapts a hassle-free recruitment process to lessen the burden of application on applicants.

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