Epilepsy & Neurosciences Center

The ENC (Epilepsy & Neurosciences Center) at MEIH is one of the rare centers in the Middle East for the diagnosis and treatment of children and adult patients suffering from Epilepsy.

  • The diagnosis is set by clinical examination, radiological tests (MRI, PET CT scan) and Video EEG monitoring and invasive intracerebral recording which are done in hospital and can last for several days.

  • After the diagnosis of Epilepsy, a Neuro-psychological assessment to all patients is performed. It includes Memory testing, Behavioral and psychiatric evaluation

  • The Therapeutic strategies proposed are various

  1. Medical Therapy : Is the first step, by prescription of anti- epileptic drugs to control epileptic seizures, and special diet (ketogenic diet) and behavioral therapy

  2. Epilepsy Surgery : In pharmacoresistant cases, this advanced neurosurgery allows safe and effective solution to cure epilepsy

  3. Vague Nerve Stimulation (VNS): This procedure, rare in the Middle East, is done when there is no evidence of resectable epileptogenic foci  in order to do the Epilepsy Surgery

The program includes many specialists: Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Interventional Radiologists and Psychologists.