Dietary Unit

The Dietary Department at the Middle East Institute of Health University Hospital (MEIH-UH) works to offer high quality food and nutrition services by meeting the needs and expectations of its customers. Effective nutrition intervention and patient education are offered to inpatients and outpatients with high quality food services. In addition, the Dietary Department is responsible for training graduates through its Dietetic Internship program where graduates in nutrition and dietetics from different universities are trained over a period of seven months to become professional dietitians.


Nutrition care is provided to all patients and especially those assessed to be at nutrition risk. A therapeutic dietitian is assigned to the various units covering nutrition patient requirements in nutrition support, surgery, renal, pediatrics, cardiology, oncology, transplantation and maternity medicine. Patients are also educated on the appropriate diet to be followed post discharge. In addition, outpatient dietetic service is provided to patients who are referred by medical staff in the Obesity and Weight Control Center (COCP).

At MEIH-UH the Dietary Department meal service is committed to ensure the satisfaction of the patients in terms of clinical nutrition, health, safety and wellbeing. Patient meal service is being developed to offer a selective menu for several departments (maternity, pediatrics, and oncology). In the meantime, patients who have difficulties with their food selection are seen by dietary staff to assist them in obtaining their food preferences.