Blood Transfusion Center

The MEIH blood transfusion center provides blood transfusion to patients in accordance with the national and international rules governing the medical selection of donors, the donation of blood and platelets, the biological qualification of donation, the preparation of labile blood products, the delivery and distribution of the different blood components to the different patients according to very specific protocols, particularly to transplant patients of hematopoietic stem cells. The center oversees transfusion safety through a well-defined hemovigilance system.

It guarantees the quality of prepared blood products by carrying out quality controls on end products, to proof their compliance with international requirements.

In addition, our center promotes a policy of teaching and training in the field of the therapeutic use of blood and blood products.

Finally, the blood transfusion center at MEIH is actively involved in the project of the reorganization of blood transfusion in Lebanon through its medical director who is a member of the national blood transfusion committee of the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.