Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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At MEIH, we provide the highest level of medical and surgical treatment of ear, nose, throat, head and neck diseases.

- Audiology is a part of the ENT practice that treats patients suffering from hearing loss and balance problems by:

  • Audiological (hearing) testing  for children and adults
  • EOA (Electric Oto Acoustic Emission) for neonatal diagnosis of hearing impairment
  • Custom Ear protectors (Swim molds)
  • Hearing aid evaluation and dispensing. The air conduction hearing aids rely on air to carry the sound from the outer ear via the ear to the middle ear and then on to the inner ear.
  • Brain anchored Hearing Aids Surgery (BAHA) if the outer or middle ear is blocked and damaged, thus preventing the sound to reach its destination. The MEIH ENT department is the pioneer in Lebanon in this kind of procedure.  It is a unique procedure that re-routes the signal by conducting the sound through the skull bone, bypassing the outer/middle ear. BAHA is specially tailored to match the needs of patients suffering from conductive hearing loss (outer or middle ear problems), mixed hearing losses (both middle and inner ear problems) and single-sided sensorineural deafness (total deafness in one ear.
  • Cochlear implants (Surgery and feeting) for mixed neurosensoriel deafness. During the surgery, the internal part of the implant is inserted in an osseous lodge inside the temporal bone, and the electrodes in the cochlea. After the surgery, the programming of the external part of the implant (vocal processor) is conducted with the help of a micro-computer. For every electrode, a minimum and a maximum intensity of stimulation will be predetermined and adjustments will be performed regularly, depending on the variations required by the central nervous system
    The re-education of intensive speech therapy is oriented towards an auditory education, discrimination, evaluation of speech perceptions and oral language perfection.
  • Vestibular rehabilitation.
  • Speech and voice therapy services after surgery or for patients having difficulties with pronunciation

- Nasal and sinus surgery
- Facial plastic and cosmetic surgery
- Maxillofacial surgery
- Base of skull surgery
- Head and Neck surgery
- Direct Laryngoscopy

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