Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2018
About Us The mission of the Middle East Institute of Health (MEIH) is to provide the highest quality of care and service for all people, while preserving quality of life, by specialized physicians of the highest character and greatest skills, supported by a dedicated team.

MEIH is located in Bsalim, in the Northern Metn area, three kilometers away from Jal El Dib’s main highway, in a charming & relaxing environment, overlooking the sea.

MEIH has all specialty branches in over 100 private clinics, equipped with cutting-edge technology, and has established centers of excellence in several specialties including Oncology, Obesity, Kidney Transplant, Cochlear Implant, and Epilepsy & Neurosciences program.

Board of Directors:
  • Dr Henri Azar, General Director
  • Mrs Lola Azar, Hospital Administrator
  • Mr Fawzi Saad, Chief Financing Officer
  • Dr Georges Al Hajj, Medical Director
  • Mrs Samar Caraty , Nursing Director
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